What is Discord? 

Discord is an application that allows you to call your friends while they play together. Basically like Skype or Teams, but for gamers. You can use it to be able to make calls while you play a game like Call of Duty. That's better than just calling, because on Discord you can call with a group (and chat at the same time). They can also play music for each other, within Discord. Then you type '-play' and a song title, and then Discord plays the first YouTube video it finds with that title. You don't watch the video, you just listen to the music. And it's more fun than playing alone! You can agree on how you are going to play a certain game, for example, or if you are already in a game together, discuss your strategy. Discord is also created by a group of gamers. They created it with a mission to connect people who loves gaming. There are over 250 million discord users currently worldwide. 

Is Discord only for gamers? 

Well, if you don't want to play games while calling, it is possible to use it to make group calls. But then you could also use Skype, Zoom, or Teams. It has been developed especially for gamers and normally its only used by gamers. Discord is basically a bridge between YouTube and Twitch gamers in combination with their fans and friends. A lot of gamers streaming online of their game play but you can’t chat that easily on Twitch or YouTube. 

Why Discord? 

They use Discord because it is convenient. If you look up for game videos on YouTube, you will see that they use Discord to communicate with other gamers. It is for them easy to use a single system or in this case a platform. They make a discord and then you can send a code to your friends. If they enter the code, you can accept them to join your chat. The privacy is quite high from discord. You just have to pay attention to who you accepts in the game chat. You have public servers and private servers. In private servers you should in principle not be bothered by other people outside your friends. In public servers everyone can join, so everyone can read your messages. 


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