TeamSpeak is a Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP) application for conversations between users, similar to conference calls. One or more users can connect to the TeamSpeak server from a computer or phone and communicate with each other. Headsets with a microphone are commonly used to use TeamSpeak from a computer. There is a free version or a premium version. The features on their website shows the different aspects. 

TeamSpeak is aimed at gamers consulting through TeamSpeak (rather than typing in chat) can help you better tune your multiplayer game. It offers great advantages in highly competitive games over those who do not use such solutions. TeamSpeak isn’t just amazing for games, it can be used more broadly. TeamSpeak has high quality, privacy and security features. It is very attractive for anyone that is looking for a VOIP solution. If you want to see more, check some of their features here below. For the install you can use one of their guides. 

Features of TeamSpeak

  • High voice quality – Clear and lag-free communication with integrated automatic microphone volume adjustment, background noises reduction and echo canceling.
  • Privacy – TeamSpeak has no access to your speak and text data. You don’t need to register on TeamSpeak. 
  • Security – With the TS3, can you apply AES encryption on your whole server of specific canals. 
  • Advanced Permissions – Stay in control the whole time with a hierarchical permission system. Choose who has access to a channel, decide who speaks and more.
  • Surround Sound – Through this sound you can hear your teammates via Positional Audio, so you can hear them in a 360 degrees landscape. 
  • Decentralized Infrastructure – You can host TeamSpeak from every location. You don’t need to use their servers and there is no data collection. 
  • Mobile App – Give orders even if you are away from your keyboard. You can download it on IOS or Android. 
  • In-game overlay – You have quick access to the voice controls, see who is talking and receive notifications or texts when you need them.
  • Unlimited customization – Make it personal and adept the style that you like the most. With plugins, sounds and icons collection. You can choose between add-ons created by others or make your own design. 
  • High Scalability – You can talk between a couple people and more then thousands. 
  • Strong file transfers – It is easy to save your files and share them without making worry about firewall issues.
  • Text chat – It is possible to send direct one on one texts in a group chat. So nobody can read or hear it. 
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