Software cleaner: Cleaning computer files

There are several tools with which you can make your PC 'cleaner'. But what exactly do we mean by 'cleaning'? We speak of a software cleaner when this software deletes files, unnecessary cookies, user traces or internet traces that have been exceeded. A perfect example of such a tool is the free software CCleaner. Knowing more? We are happy to tell you more about it below!

Free software CCleaner 

You can clean your computer thoroughly with the free software CCleaner. CCleaner is an easy-to-use software program that can be used to erase and clean temporary files, cookies, user traces and internet traces. CCleaner can be used for Internet Explorer, Opera, Firefox, Google Chrome and Safari.

Furthermore, CCleaner can be used to clean mru traces of programs that are often used on the computer such as; Kazaa, Adobe, Office, Windows Media Player, Real Player, Quick Time Player, Java and You can also use CCleaner to remove unnecessary system files and index.dat files from the computer. This all-round computer cleaning program is one of the best programs of its kind.

The program has many useful tools with which the computer can be completely cleaned. The free software CCleaner is basically indispensable on every computer to clean files from the computer. The biggest advantage of CCleaner is that files are safely erased from the computer because they are overwritten several times. CCleaner has been fully translated into Dutch and is therefore easy to use. Cleaning up a computer has never been done so quickly and safely as with the free software program of CCleaner. 

Free software smart Defrag

leaning up a computer's hard drive is often forgotten. By cleaning up the hard drive, the computer will become faster and will work properly again. With the free software smart Defrag the hard disk can be defragmented manually or automatically.

Smart Defrag is a defragmenter that works fast and will use little computer memory. Smart Defrag is the best free download defragmenter to date. Smart Defrag will sit unobtrusively in the computer system tray. The defragmenter is made by IObit and they have made the program so that it is easy to use. In addition, you can choose in advance to defragment the hard disk of the computer at set times.

The defragmentation is done without being noticed because Smart Defrag works in the background. Defragmenting the hard drive ensures that files on the hard drive are rearranged and this makes programs run faster again. Smart Defrag itself says that they achieve the greatest speed gain compared to other free defragmentation programs. Smart Defrag can be downloaded in Dutch and is suitable for Windows and Mac. Download the best free software smart Defrag program of the moment and make your computer run faster again.


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