Music editing software

We have listed the software below for recording and editing music and audio that you can use. Curious? Then read our article about Audacity & Virtual DJ Software.

Free Music Editor Audacity 

Audacity-Mac can edit and modify music files yourself with the free music editor from Audacity. With this program you can edit sound files in a simple way. Audacity is a comprehensive and well-arranged sound editing program. The music files that can be edited in this program are mp3s, wav, flac and ogg files. Audacity even offers the possibility to record audio files via the microphone, sound card, LP, CD, DVD or cassette.

Mixing sound files has never been easier with this music editing program. The features that Audacity has are; record, cut, paste, mix, edit, apply effects, convert, adjust speed, adjust pitch and adjust volume. The free music editor Audacity is easy to use for most users as the ideal music editor and it is definitely worth trying out.

The biggest disadvantage of Audacity is that a lame encoder has to be downloaded for mp3, after this the mp3 can only be used. Audacity is available for Windows, Mac. Audacity is available in both Dutch and English. Download the free music editing program and instantly create your own mix of different music styles and songs.

Free Virtual DJ software

The free Virtual DJ software brings mixer and turntable in digital format to your PC. Function to give transitions even more sophistication. A special icing on the cake is the ability to transfer songs in the so-called scratch function via time code on special boards and continue mixing on the turntables. However, special hardware is required for this true vinyl feel. Conversely, it can be typed, but also digitize turned dusty record case.

As a novice DJ, the free Virtual DJ software is very complete. You can make the most beautiful mixes for your party at home or with friends. Professional DJ set is not rare on the solution Virtual DJ Pro. Here we offer you free home version enough for home use. An overview, in which functions the editions differ, can be found on the manufacturer's website.

The editors have extensively tested the Virtual DJ software and are very pleased with it. Excellent DJ software, highly recommended!

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