Most used internet browsers 

Do you want to use the most used and free browsers in the Netherlands? We have compiled a list below with the necessary information for choosing an internet browser for you!

Avant Browser 

The free Avant Browser is similar to Internet Explorer, only it has been expanded with a number of useful functions. A big advantage is that all internet traces are automatically removed when the browser is closed, so that no one can see where you are surfing around. With “Avant Browser” you can use the tabs well so-called with Internet Explorer. In addition, the individual tabs are allowed to run in different processes, so that a faulty website does not take the entire browser affected.

Opera web browser 

Opera is a very comprehensive free web browser. The extensive functions that Opera web browser provides as standard is, for example, the built-in Torrent application or the possibility to have a web page read aloud. Opera functions as a web browser for the Windows, Linux and Mac operating systems. Opera also developed a mobile web browser for mobile phones. Opera is free to download and use as a web browser.

The possibilities Opera web browser offers as a free web browser are; fraud protection, built-in Bittorent application, password manager, voice function, pop-up blocker, mouse gestures, site preferences, adding search engine, widgets and blocking specific content to save bandwidth. Opera is a comprehensive web browser that is free to download for anyone who wants to do more than just browse the web.

Download Opera web browser for free today. You can download Opera web browser Free software for Windows, Mac, Android and Apple.

Safari web browser 

Apple product comes standard with a Safari web browser. Safari is a free web browser from Apple, but it is also possible to download Safari web browser for free on a computer or laptop with Windows operating system. Safari has many useful functionalities that come standard during the download. This way everyone has the option to set up Private Browsing, so that internet activities are not saved.

Apple claims that Safari would run faster than other free web browsers. Safari offers the user the following options; Familiar Apple look, bookmarks, automatic pop-up blocking, handy text search, tabs, built-in RSS reader and Private Browsing. Download Safari and find out for yourself even more features that this web browser has to offer.

Download Safari web browser for free today. You can download the Free software Safari web browser for Windows, Mac and Apple.

Free software Google Chrome

Google is the developer of the free web browser Free software Google Chrome. Google Chrome has an extremely sleek design and this benefits the functionality of the web browser. This web browser is also extremely fast to start up and load the websites. All searches via Google Chrome are performed via an encrypted connection (SSL) by default. Google Chrome is the most widely used web browser in the world.

Free applications for the web browser can be downloaded from the Chrome Web Store. Google Chrome is available for Windows, Mac and Linux operating systems. Google Chrome is also available for free for mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets that run on the Android and iOS operating system. Google Chrome offers its users the following options; speed, suggestions, automatic display of most visited websites, Incognito function, apps, integrated PDF reader and a do not track function with which no traces of surfing behavior are saved. The free web browser Google Chrome has been developed in such a way that you can surf quickly and that you can automatically find screenshots of most visited websites on the home page.

Download Google Chrome for free today. You can download the Free software Google Chrome for Windows, Mac and Android.

Free software Mozilla Fox

Free software Mozilla Firefox is one of the most used web browsers next to Google Chrome and Internet Explorer. Free software Mozilla Firefox is free for everyone to download and use because it is an open-source software. Firefox is suitable for computers and laptops that run on Windows, Mac OS and Linux. Mozilla Firefox is a comprehensive web browser that has many different additional functionalities. Some of the features include customizing Firefox through different themes, quick search via the taskbar, view multiple web pages within one browser window, in a sidebar you can view all kinds of information at a glance such as downloads, bookmarks, history etc. and you have the option to whitelist or blacklist different website. 
Download Google Chrome for free today. You can download the Free software Mozilla Fox for Windows, Mac and Android.

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