Internet browsers for children 

Of course you want your children to get acquainted with the online landscapes in a safe and reliable environment. There are some browsers that protect children against any shocking images, hate-mongering texts and much more. Curious about a child-friendly browser? We have listed some of them for you.


Kiddle is a very colorful browser for kids powered by Google. It has a funny red robot on Mars for kids to enjoy. Instead of the word Google, you see Kiddle and a search bar is displayed where children can type in keywords and search.

Like Google, kids can search below the search bar for images, the web, Kimages (Kiddle Encyclopedia), videos, and Kpedia. If you see a page that you don't think is appropriate for children, click the “Block Site” link at the bottom and fill out the short form.


KidRex is different from Kiddle. First of all, the design where it looks like the child is actually drawing, which makes it even better. You don't have the options for images, videos, etc., but it still provides the information you need.

KidRex also has a section where you can view children's drawings from the search engine. You can send children's drawings yourself and the search engine will show these drawings. If you go under, there is a contact option. Click on this and you can send your drawing here.

KidSplorer Web Browser

This site helps with security when a child is online. As a parent you can place links on a whitelist. Because of this, only these links are allowed to visit. The links are easy to add, remove or edit.
It also gives the option to block on time. With this you indicate time zones where the internet does not work. Very useful when the children have to do their homework. Then you know for sure that they are not on the internet. It is not possible to switch between programs that are on the laptop and you can create multiple lists for each child separately.


The free children's browser Kidiso is a free browser for children up to 13 years of age, especially in Belgium, the Netherlands and the United States. By means of this children's browser, the children can only visit child-friendly websites. The editors of children browser Kidiso first check the websites before they are allowed on the browser. Parents can also add sites themselves which will be placed in the category mom and dad.
The Kidiso children's browser is now Windows-compatible and will be available on Mac and Linux in a few months. After installing the browser, you can indicate whether the browser should be set as default. By means of this free kid's browser Kidiso it is also possible to chat with other children. The e-mail overviews are also useful. As parents you can log in via and check for yourself which websites the children have been to. Currently this website is no longer valid, but they want to make it active again in the future. You can now leave your email address and you will receive an email when the website is relaunched.

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