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The most complete and free editing programs for all your videos. From playback to movie recording, both programs will get you started today!


The free video editing program Avidemux is an excellent open source software. With this software you can cut, paste and quickly apply video filters. Also nice is the background music which you can add quickly and easily. It is useful to convert videos to another file format. This way you can always edit your Video in such a way that you can always play it.

It is not an easy program but once you get it it will become your favorite video editing program. The program is very suitable for all operating systems and very suitable for Mac, Windows and Linux. A comprehensive guide can be found on Wikipedia and via the official Avidemux forum. A great free video editing program. The editors have extensively tested the program and it is certainly worth it. Recommended!

Windows Movie Maker

This video editor from Microsoft is easy to use, while still having all the features you need to create beautiful movie montages. Load some movie files, indicate the start and end point of each movie, let the images flow together, add animations and effects here and there, put everything in the desired order and let the program generate the final result. You can add music, sounds and photos and include them in your montage. It is possible to directly upload a film on platforms such as YouTube and Vimeo.

Windows Movie Maker can no longer be downloaded. If you still have a version somewhere, you can use it. Windows 10 Photos app is the new bundled video editing program from Microsoft, but this part is still not very well known to quite a few people. The app allows you to assemble multiple video clips together as usual, while decorating images with clear captions, original animations and beautiful filters. Meanwhile, the video editing function has been expanded with interesting tools.

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