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If you are a starting entrepreneur, you naturally want to reduce costs as much as possible. With free online accounting programs you can at least save high monthly costs. We have of course found something that is free to use. At WinBank you can get started very quickly to provide insight into your accounting. Would you like to know more about WinBank software? Then read on, we'll tell you more about it here!

Accounting program WinBank

Would you like to have a good overview of your personal financial situation quickly and easily? Then the Dutch accounting program WinBank is the ideal accounting program. With this simple program keeping the private bookkeeping becomes a lot easier. With WinBank, all income and expenses can be tracked in easy-to-read overviews and graphs.

In addition, the accounting program WinBank has a balance planner and a budget management function with which everyone can easily manage his or her income and expenses. WinBank makes private accounting even easier because the program can import data from the following Dutch banks; ABN AMRO, ING, SNS and Rabobank. No complicated terms are used in this private accounting program, making it easy for a layman to keep up with the financial accounting himself. WinBank has several features and some of them are; chart creation, budget management functions, balance planner, automatic transfers, mutual fund tracking, BIC/IBAN support. Accounting program WinBank can be completely adapted to your own wishes so that it remains clear for everyone.

For example, own images can be used for the different categories. WinBank is only applicable to private accounting, although it is a comprehensive accounting program it falls short for business purposes. WinBank is a free software program that is completely in Dutch. It is available for download for all versions of Windows.

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