Communication and Security

Communications programs

There are different types of programs you can use to communicate. These are programs that are made for collaboration or other things. Various means of communication emerged during the pandemic, but several were already known in advance. Three communication programs are discussed in this section.


TeamViewer is an ideal program to help each other from a distance, especially if there are problems with the computer or if you want to explain something to someone, this is an ideal platform to use. TeamViewer allows you to easily connect completely to another computer. The other specifies what privileges you can run on his/her computer. This way you can only see the screen or even take over the mouse and keyboard functions. The microphone can be used and you can explain everything and the other person hears what you say. This is also possible via the chat function. It is free to download on Windows, Mac, iOS and Android.

This is ideal for companies if they work a lot with computers and a computer on location has problems. Using team viewer, they can see what the problem is on their own computer. This way they don't have to drive there, but they can solve this using TeamViewer.


Skype is known worldwide. It can make life a bit more productive because you can easily share documents, photos and videos. You can also call each other and there is a chat function available. Since Skype was acquired by Microsoft, it has only improved and improved. It is especially useful for business online meetings or if you have a friend abroad, you can also call via Skype. This is also very cheap. All versions are available Windows, Mac, iOS and Android.

Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams has grown significantly during the pandemic. Many school and work institutions use it. The advantage of Teams is that you can easily chat with several people. By calling and chatting you can talk in two ways. You can even submit assignments via files and assignments. Secondly, there is an agenda where you can see all appointments. By then pressing participate, you will end up in the chat. It is also easy to share files when you work together on an assignment. Today, it is one of the most widely used platforms when it comes to communicating and collaborating. It is free to download on Windows, Mac, iOS and Android.

Security software

Almost all antivirus software manufacturers offer you a variety of packages at different prices. In many cases, the basic package is as good a choice as an extensive Internet security package. Extras are not always useful or there are (free) alternatives.

Virus Scanner, Internet Security or Full Security? 

In many cases, antivirus vendors' product offerings look like this broadly:
    • The virus / antivirus scanner contains the most important part of security software: protection against all types of malware (such as viruses, spyware, etc.). The basic antivirus can be available in a paid or free version or in both. 
    • A combination of antivirus and firewall, often referred to as Internet security. Sometimes the package contains some extras. 
    • An antivirus, a firewall and all kinds of additional software, for example, under the title of total, maximum or premium security. 

Pay attention:
    • Not all Internet security packages have their own firewall. 
    • Sometimes the most expensive packages are not available for 1 device, but you pay for at least 3 or 5 licenses. 
The most expensive package sometimes costs more than twice that of entry-level software. Does it make sense to pay that extra price? 

Virus scanner often enough

When it comes to protection, a (good performing) virus scanner or possibly a little more extensive internet security is sufficient for most. A firewall or a special browser for secure banking can add something to the protection, but it is especially important that you choose a package in which the antivirus part works well. You can check our comparator for it. For a host of extras, for example a password manager or a backup feature, specialist companies also offer free (better) alternatives.

There are a few exceptions, where entry-level software lacks useful components, such as anti-phishing or an extra layer of protection against ransomware. What always applies: Choose a good virus scanner, free and paid antivirus work varies.
Free alternatives 
The most extensive Internet security software often contains extras, but also free virus scanners sometimes try to force them. What (free) alternatives are there? We list them so you can see that an expensive and extensive antivirus package doesn't always make sense.

    • Parental control
    • Password manager
    • Update software
    • Back up software
    • VPN software
    • PC optimization software
    • Encryption software


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